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By: Sydnee ColeHonestly, I just want to get some sleep as I try to balance work life, school and my social life. Key word: “time management".

Interviewed by: Cindy JeanEvery year Stevenson University hosts a fashion show that showcases the work of the senior designers. One of the designers that I had the pleasure of interviewing is senior Chantel King.

By Ebony GloverWhile in Italy for my semester abroad, the one thing I needed to experience was buying a real leather product! Italy is the home of, and quite known for, leather which they make out of just about every animal.

By: Autumn MentoTowards the end of high school, we are haunted by the questions, “Where are you going to school? What do you want to study.

By Portia HarrisWhen I first decided I wanted to transfer from a community college to a university, I had mixed feelings. I thought,“do I even want to be in college two to three more years.