Welcome to a new semester at Stevenson University! 

To those of you who are new to Stevenson, welcome aboard to the English Community! To those of you returning, it is great to have you back. I hope that you've had a great summer and an exciting first week of classes.

My name is Marc Kohlman, the English Department's Media Marketing Assistant. I’ll be filling you in on all of the awesome events and activities you can look forward to from the English Department. I hope you'll check back here regularly for SU English news and information! 

My goals will be to make the ties in the English Department community stronger between students, alumni and fellow clubs and organizations at Stevenson. Promoting amazing events and amazing classes will be a top goal too.

Your viewpoints matter! Be sure to check back weekly for the latest news and updates the English Department will have on amazing events and opportunities.

Before signing off, let me share a little bit about myself... 

I’m an English major here at Stevenson University, and this is my senior year of studies. For the last two years, I have served as a member of the English club and as an editor for the English Department's former literary magazine, Spectrum.

I decided to major in English at Stevenson because I always have been fascinated with different genres of literature and interested in what those genres say about the societies and values that produced them. I've had many enjoyable and enriching experiences studying English at Stevenson. The professors are simply extraordinary, and the sheer variety of classes has been extremely impressive.

Going forward, I intend to use my English degree to enter the field of editing and publishing, though I'm also interested in the possibility of teaching. Additionally, I plan to continue my own pursuit of creative writing, which I've been able to explore and develop through SU English classes.

I’m excited on starting this remarkable experience and wish you all an awesome semester!

Marc Kohlman, Senior English Major and Media Intern for the Department of English