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And we’re back with the anticipated conclusion of Global Game Jam!

All 34 participants have submitted their games as of Sunday night, January, 30th , and a lot happened within those critical 48 hours. 

Some students ran into some troubles at first while building their games, like Game Jam veteran Julian Cha. He had some initial difficulties when it came to coding his game “Ape Ate an Apple.”

“The only thing that surprised me this year is that Construct 3 restricted the amount of ‘events’ (lines of code) in their free version, going down to only 40. While this may seem like a large number, “An Awakening” (Julian’s game last year) had somewhere between 60-80 events, so chopping the number down in half is quite a challenge.” said Julian, but in the end, he was able overcome and make a finished product.

Ape Ate an Apple

On the other hand, participants Chade Herring, an English major, and Amira Owusu-Ansah, a Nursing major, had a much smoother journey when it came to creating their game “Real or Fairytale” during the weekend. Amira explained that they had “a little problem with how to format it but everything else is going smoothly. We’re on schedule and that’s what’s important!” said Amira.

There were also many other fantastic games showcased during the final presentation, like English major Chris Morrison’s top-down shooter “Bullets Outta Both Barrels (B.O.B.B.)”

Bullets Out Of Both Barrels

Or Rowan Wilson and Daniel Coleman’s verbose card game “Antonymity” where you have to match the cards' antonyms.


All in all, there were many other amazing games presented that night, and the participants did an amazing job!

You can take a look at and play all the games by following the link to Stevenson’s Global Game Jam’s homepage!