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The Spooky Stories Write-In was a Greenspring Review (GSR) sponsored event. By the way, submit your creative work (includes unedited stories, poetry, music, spoken word videos, media, artwork, reviews, etc.

consumestressrestorativedestroyingAmazonairbalanceetherealThose were some of the words on the magnetic tiles used to construct poems for the Wild Life: Poetry for the Planet event that was on Monday, October 28 in the School .

[This post is the second installment of a four-part guest author series by English senior Amber Deter, in which she reports on her experience researching and writing in Iceland in Summer 2019. The first part is here.

Junior Morgan LaMonica talked with 2017 English alum Elizabeth Mayer about her route to finding a dream job, the importance of getting teens into libraries, and the process of preparing for interviews with Dr. Snyder in ENG 3.

In my first year at Stevenson, some people that I’ve come to like and appreciate have left and things have shifted. I had to start over in the process of getting to know other people .