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Hey everybody! This is yours truly, Marc Kohlman, bringing you what’s cool in the English Department.

Hey everyone, this is Marc Kohlman here!Tomorrow, October 24th Stevenson will be holding its annual Haunted Hallways night.

Eileen Myles, SU English's Visiting Writer for 2015 delivered one spectacular reading to a packed house when she visited campus last month.In case you missed her electrifying reading in September, you can watch video of Eilee.

COOL COURSES AT STEVENSON ENGLISH - 2015 JANUARY TERMENG 260 True, Personal Storytelling: Tell Your LifeMeeting from January 5th to January 25thInstructor: Laura Wexler“We tell ourselves stories in order to live," Joan Didi.

Hi everyone! This is yours truly, Marc Kohlman, back with the latest in my series of posts on cool courses that the Stevenson English Department is currently offering.