Stevenson University is partnering with the National Coalition Building Institute to train our community on diversity and inclusion. Two Education students, Dorothy Baker and Dominique Trench-Muhammed, will attend training to become facilitators, who will then be teamed up with a trained Stevenson employee to deliver workshops to faculty, staff, and students.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to step into the role of “peer educator.” Facilitators will attend a one-day workshop later in the spring, a three-day train-the-trainer seminar in early fall, then begin to train our community.

The NCBI training goals:

  • Valuing and welcoming similarities and differences among group members
  • Examining the misinformation and unconscious bias that impacts our behavior toward others
  • Understanding the role identity plays in leadership
  • Identifying the harmful effects of oppression on one’s own group
  • Preventing and interrupting bigoted remarks and behaviors
  • Learning how to be an ally to all groups