Happy Fall, Ladies and Gentlemen! We’d like to welcome you to the season’s fun with our night of family entertainment that occurred at Mechanicsville Elementary during their “Trunk or Treat” extravaganza!  

On Friday, October 26th, as the sun set and the moon appeared – the hallways of the school took on an extra spooky tone as faculty members, parents/guardians, and many of those involved in the school set up tables, revealed decorations, and indulged in Halloween fun!

The event was organized by the PTA and allowed for the students to “trunk or treat” as a safe alternative to trick or treating. Following the trunk or treating, the students were welcomed in the Cafeteria where they were provided refreshments and snacks. In the Gym, families could relax with a movie surrounded by their many friends.

Our Stevenson family decided that this event would be a wonderful way to show our interests in student life and staff involvement in the school. Many of our senior, junior, and sophomore teacher candidates placed at Mechanicsville were able to participate in the event – seeing many of our students outside of the classroom setting and building our rapport with the Mechanicsville staff and our students’ home support systems along the way.

We could be found wearing our Stevenson colors and hanging out at our Stevenson themed table. Each “trunk or treater” was sure to walk away with a green beaded necklace and a handful of candy, passing by their Stevenson future teachers! Even our mentor, Mrs. Danielle Newill, could be found handing out candy in her stylish “Under the Sea” trunk, as her daughters participated in the fall fun.

Pictured left to right (Top Row): Marie Murphy, Rosemarie McAuliffe, Diamond Davis, Samantha Pickett (Bottom Row): Bethanie Winchester, Kaitlyn Dowd

(Submitted by Mechanicsville Interns)