The school bells rang signaling the start of the 2017-2018 school year, the excited – and perhaps somewhat anxious – sounds of students could be heard throughout Carrolltowne Elementary School.

Excited – and perhaps somewhat anxious – teachers and Stevenson Interns awaited the arrival of the girls and boys to fill their classrooms. Three previous years of educational integration into both books and classroom experiences have prepared Interns for this day. But what lead them to Stevenson’s unique program preparation and hence to Carrolltowne Elementary in the first place? “I chose Stevenson University because of the unique field placement opportunities the School of Education provides as well as the supportive fostering community” (Sally Dawson). This same sentiment was expressed by Alyssa Barbour “…because of the amount of support the education professors give you throughout your career at Stevenson. They really care about you and do everything they can to prepare you for the work place.”

(Pictured, left to right)​: Nicole Alves (Early Childhood), Shayla McKenrick (Elem​entary), Alyssa Barbour (Early Childhood), Edwards, Ashley (Elementary)​, Sally Dawson (Early Childhood)

The unique comradery shared throughout the college community leads many to this campus. “The education department here at Stevenson feels like one big family. We are all here to help each other succeed and become better teachers.” (Ashley Edwards) “I chose Stevenson because of the small class size and the close community. There is a lot of one on one time with teachers that you don’t get at other schools.” (Shayla McKenrick)

Considering the above, elementary classrooms benefit from the experiences these future teachers have been provided.