Over thirty education students and four faculty members attended the Teachers of Tomorrow (TOT) “Make-and-Take” event on February 24.  

Brooke Corbett and Maureen Gast

The "make-and-take" activity for this month was to create a Calming Jar. These jars are a great behavior management resource to implement in the classroom. The purpose of the bottle comes directly from its name, “to calm.” If a student in a classroom becomes upset, they can shake the bottle. When the bottle is shaken, a storm of glitter erupts inside. As the student watches the glitter settle, this may help slow breathing and begin to calm agitated nerves and reduce stress. The students who participated intend to use the Calming Jar in their classrooms.

Shae Rounds

TOT co-sponsor, Ted Fischer.

(Contributed by Megan Madigan, photos by Megan Madigan)