Teachers of Tomorrow (TOT) hosted a Thanksgiving feast in November and a Holiday Celebration in December for all education majors.  

Twenty-nine students attended the TOT Thanksgiving feast, bringing all kinds of delicious food to contribute to the feast. At the event, we played Thanksgiving-themed games such as Scrabble, a crossword puzzle, and a word search. We also held a craft competition where groups made creative objects out of popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners. Throughout the night, TOT faculty sponsor Mr. Fischer gave away “fun” prizes to all the winners.

Pictured (left to right): Maureen Gast, Cara Habicht, Rachel Crockett, and Jessica Naylor

In December, TOT hosted a holiday party for students as a way to reduce stress before final exams. Thirty-two students showed up for pizza, holiday cookies, and challenging puzzle games. To end the night, we played bingo. Throughout the evening, players won more of Mr. Fischer’s “awesome” prizes.

Pictured (left to right): Bryan Gieselman, Bailey Swann, and Katie Madigan

The TOT faculty sponsors are Ted Fischer and Lisa Carswell. Student officers are Becky Weisman (President), Becca Jenkins (Vice President), Jessica Naylor (Secretary), Maureen Gast (Treasurer), Megan Kotrla (Event Planning), Megan Madigan (Social Media), and Gabby Mendez (Hospitality).

TOT Faculty Sponsor, Ted Fischer

All education students are invited to events planned for the spring semester!

(Contributed by Gabby Mendez, photos by Megan Madigan)