School of Education faculty and alumni served as interviewers for Senior Exit Interviews on May 1.  Graduating seniors responded to questions based on the Danielson Framework for Teaching. Students prepared portfolios to present artifacts as examples and evidence in responding to questions. The participation of Stevenson alumni offered authenticity and a real-world perspective to the process.

exit interviews_2019

(Front row: Takira Fields ’10, Barbara Lutz, Zac Stavish ‘13, Lauren Speiser ’15, Janice Hill, Kathy Milligan, Kathy Bradham, Katie Madigan ’17, Megan Madigan ’18; Back row: Melissa Pickney ’15, Avonshae Rounds ’18, Dr. David Nicholson, Alix Weyforth ’13, Dr. Beth Kobett, Emilee Thursby ‘17, Kelsie Rites ’13, Cynthia Hazman; Not pictured: Dr. Debby Kraft, Ted Fischer, Dr. Clotile Galbraith, Dr. Bob Pelton)