On May 10, 2016, the School of Education recognized David W. Nicholson, Professor of Education, on the publication of Philosophy of Education in Action: An Inquiry-Based Approach (Routledge, 2016).

The textbook examines different philosophies of education by conducting inquiry into authentic educational practices in a variety of settings. Each chapter of the book features a vignette based on observations in actual classrooms, which involved the participation of current and former education students in cooperation with several local schools.

Dr. David Nicholson and Kellsye Piper (Class of 2012)

Dr. Paul D. Lack, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, thanked School of Education alumni, faculty, and students, as well as teachers and representatives of local schools, for their contributions to the development of the textbook. He commended the project as an example of experiential learning, collaboration among faculty, students, and alumni, and outreach with educators in the local community.

Dr. Nicholson presented invited guests, whose names appear in the Acknowledgements, with a signed copy of the book. He also thanked Dr. Lack, Deborah Kraft (Dean of the School of Education), and his colleagues for their support throughout the research, writing, and publication process.

Watch the Faculty Focus interview of Dr. Nicholson describing his textbook and how it is used in the classroom.

Front row: Megan Polis (intern), Brittany Somers (intern), Judy Hemler (intern), Tina Mikula (Class of 2011), Dr. David Nicholson (Professor of Education), Rebecca Knolleisen (Class of 2014), Zac Stavish (Class of 2013), Donald Bufano (Waldorf School of Baltimore), Deborah Kraft (Dean of the School of Education). Back row: Dr. Robert Pelton (Professor of Education), Gina Weber (intern), Brooke Pazoles (Arts & Ideas Sudbury School), Kellsye Piper (Class of 2012), Alix Weyforth (Class of 2013), Emma Oberlechner (Class of 2011), Victoria Abrecht (intern), Stephanie Miele (intern), Beth Kobett (Assistant Professor of Education). Not pictured: Molly Malloy (Class of 2015), Allie Withrow (Class of 2013), Milvelis Vargas (intern)