On May 4, School of Education interns Emilee Thursby and Sara Welch hosted a college interest night at East Middle School.  

Ms. Thursby (sixth grade English/Language Arts and social studies intern) and Ms. Welch (seventh grade math intern), in collaboration with eighth grade social studies teacher and Stevenson alumna, Emma Harris (Class of 2011), identified students at East Middle School who would benefit from the event. The two interns contacted Stevenson University with diverse majors that would be of interest to the students. “The Stevenson students jumped at the opportunity to help our students, “ said Ms. Welch. “Giving back to the community was one way that the Stevenson students were eager to contribute.” Those who attended the event were: Joey Byrd (sophomore, Computer Information Systems), Morgan Mahar (sophomore, Nursing), Max Ramos (sophomore, Film and Moving Image), and Emily Shannon (senior, Business Communications). The Stevenson students were quite excited because most of them had not been in a middle school since they were middle school students themselves.

During the hour session, the middle school students were able to ask questions about the experiences of the college students and how the education they received in middle and high school prepared them to continue their education and achieve their dream careers. Questions included: Why did you choose your major? What do you want to do when you graduate? How did high school prepare you for college? What does the SAT mean? What is the most challenging thing you remember about middle school? Why did you choose Stevenson University?

The middle school students also wanted to know personal details that would help them connect with the college students and establish a rapport. Students asked questions such as how they were able to create and maintain friendships throughout their schooling. This was a great way for the college students to give mentoring advice to the middle school students. The Stevenson students also asked the middle school students questions that pertained to their favorite subjects, what they find challenging in middle school, what they are most excited about in the future, and what jobs they would like to pursue in the future.

College Night was a definite success. A student who attended commented, “I had a great time and I’m excited to go to college now.”