On Saturday, October 7, the Maryland Council for Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM) held its annual conference at Northeast High School in Pasadena, Maryland.  

MCTM is a public voice of mathematics education, inspiring vision, providing leadership, offering professional development, and supporting equitable mathematics learning of the highest quality for all students.

This year’s conference, titled “What Students Know: Driving High Quality Math Instruction,” featured keynote speaker Dr. Matt Larson, president of the National Conference for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). Seventy-six concurrent sessions were held, catered lunch was provided, and mathematical resources were in high supply at vendor booths and the conference’s traditional raffle. Many of our SU students left with fantastic materials in hand!

As noted by Dr. Larson on several occasions during his remarks, Stevenson University students made a huge impression at the conference, as one Stevenson University alumna and ten teacher candidates spent a Saturday, the first day of their fall break, presenting and/or attending the all-day conference. This thrilled Associate Professor, Dr. Beth Kobett, who shared, “I am so proud of our students. Today is the first day of their fall break and yet they chose to attend a full day conference. We are so incredibly fortunate to have such spectacular students!”

Pictured left to right: Beth Kobett, Tatyana Jones (Morgan State University), Shelby Rothstein (‘19), Lince Quintanilla (‘19), Thomas Camper (‘19), Matt Larson (NCTM President), Caitlin Roy (‘16), Jessica Steinbacher (‘18), Amirah Russell (‘18), Iyana Hunter (‘18), Sally Dawson (‘18); front row: Tori Bielot (‘19), Caroline Baron (‘19), Aliyah Morgan (‘19)

Senior interns Sally Dawson, Amirah Russell, and Jessica Steinbacher had the opportunity to present alongside Dr. Kobett. Their session, titled “Lesson LAUNCH and Lesson CLOSURE: More than Just a Beginning and an END…”, was another highlight of the conference. As Dr. Kobett points out, “After the session I talked to a fellow professor and a classroom teacher who said that our SU students were incredible, particularly the way they talked about how their elementary students made sense of their mathematics learning.”

“I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the MCTM conference,” Sally Dawson remarked. “Presenting was a wonderful opportunity and the engagement of the participants was thrilling. The sessions I attended were very informative - I left feeling engaged and inspired.”

Amirah Russell added, “Getting the opportunity to present at this conference was a unique experience. It showed me how much I am invested in my teaching career already.”

“Being able to not only attend this conference but speak at it as a pre-service teacher is an opportunity I never could have imagined,” enthused Jessica Steinbacher. “It was such a great experience to be able to talk to teachers from all over the state and even attend sessions held by them. It was an amazing learning experience and I cannot wait to go back next year as a first year teacher.”

Jenny Novak, Immediate Past President of MCTM, stated, “Preservice teachers are important members of this larger community. They are beginning to develop their craft and also bring fresh perspectives. We value their ideas and are very pleased to have such a great representation of preservice teachers this year, particularly from Stevenson University. We hope that these young professionals found value in the day and continue to engage as members of MCTM.”

(Submitted by Sally Dawson, Amirah Russell, and Jessica Steinbacher)