On August 23, twenty faculty members in the School of Education participated in a workshop planned and facilitated by the full-time faculty.  

Participants unpacked evidence-based practices for teaching and learning, focusing on field experience and internship observations and assessments. All activities centered on the mission of School of Education: to prepare teacher candidates who design and implement standards-based and evidence-based content pedagogy and assessment; apply major concepts, methods of inquiry, problem-solving processes, and thinking and reasoning skills of the disciplines in instruction; create, support, and sustain a culture of access and equity for each learner; and reflect continually on practice. A follow-up workshop is planned for September 28.

Pictured (left to right, back row): Dr. Bob Pelton, Kathy Bradham, Janice Hill, Cathy Dietz, Betty McNally, Brad Herling, Dr. Clotile Galbraith, Dr. David Nicholson, Barbara Lutz, Ted Fischer, Susan Garfinkel, Dr. Beth Kobett (left to right, front row): Jill Suffel, Linda Silverman, Leslie Sandler, Kathy Milligan, Kelly Heil, Cindy Hazman, Danielle Newill (not pictured: Dr. Debby Kraft)