School of Education students, faculty, and University mentors learned together this week as the School of Education unveiled its new vision for a Professional Learning Community. On Monday over seventy members of the SOE including senior interns, SOE faculty, and university mentors joined together to learn about a collaborative lesson planning technique called “Lesson Workshop.” Senior Melissa Cote shared a lesson seed idea with other interns, who then made observations, suggestions or asked questions.

The participants were mesmerized by the unique ideas shared. The group then broke into smaller groups to try the “lesson workshop” technique using the Maryland Career and College Ready Standards. The energy in the room was contagious as creative energy and ideas were flowing!

Later in the week University mentors and students joined together to explore multiple points of view about teaching and learning. Everyone had an opportunity to attend workshops facilitated by faculty during afternoon breakout sessions. Participants responded that they enjoyed learning together in the professional learning community and can’t wait for the next event!

Events like conferences, workshops, and special speakers will be posted for all SOE students and faculty to learn, plan, and reflect together.

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