Submitted by Kathy Milligan, SU IHE Liasion

Children called out “It was amazing!” and “This is so much fun!” and “I can’t wait to come back next week!”

Catherine Robinson, Lauren Speiser, Kayla Neyer, Marissa Cote, and Faith Logan

These excited claims of children echoed around the media center at Carrolltowne Elementary as Stevenson University Interns, Marissa Cote, Catherine Robinson, Kayla Neyer, Faith Logan and Lauren Speiser, introduced kindergarten through grade 5 students to an after school Crazy 8’s Math Club. Over an eight week period, students interacted in hands-on activities including the Bouncy Dice Explosion, Glow in the Dark Geometry, and Toilet Paper Olympics.

Students were placed in a K-2 or 3-5 group to work collaboratively on engaging and interactive mathematics projects throughout an eight week period. The goal of the Crazy 8’s Math Club was to show that math is fun, recreational and part of our everyday lives. All activities, also aligned to the Common Core Standards, were geared to building creations, running and jumping, making music, and exploring while making new friendships. As one third grade student noted, “I loved it even when I have it (math) every day!”

Intern Catherine Robinson wisely summed up the experience with the following, “The response to the after school math club, Crazy 8s Program, has been overwhelmingly exciting. I am ecstatic to see students eager to learn math in a fun and new way.”