On Tuesday, January 23, 2018, the School of Education (SOE) hosted a collaborative meeting with IHE faculty and school mentors to discuss the internship assessment process.  Dr. Stacey Brown-Hobbs, Chair of the SOE began the meeting with an overview of the various components of the assessment system. Participants then reviewed the current Year 4 Final Internship Assessment and examined the rubric. They discussed the expectations and use of the rubric including making the rubric more relevant to the development of preservice teachers. Participants were placed into groups and took a close look at each domain of the assessment. They provided feedback regarding the language of the components for each domain and which components should be assessed in Year 2 and/or Year 3. The SOE will be reviewing the feedback and using it to modify current internship assessments. As the School of Education moves towards re-accreditation, more collaborative assessment meetings are anticipated. We are fortunate to have such dedicated people working beyond the school day to assist us in developing exceptional teacher candidates.