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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

Heather Drake is part of the Summer Science Scholars Program (S3RP).  Students are chosen for this special summer program based on their academic record and letters of recommendation from faculty.  She is working with mathematician Dr. Mark Branson developing a map of Baltimore which uses a non-euclidean metric based on the travel time between two points using public transportation.  The goal is to measure the curvature of space in this metric at individual points and correlate this with crime rates in the city of Baltimore - their hypothesis is that areas with low or negative curvature will correlate with high crime rates.

Heather finds this research project very interesting.  She enjoys learning and working with the software program, Mathematica.  This has been a  great opportunity for her to explore a career in research!

Biochemistry junior, Michele Collingsworth, is spending her summer working with Dr. Lynne Hodge in our Summer Science Scholars Program (S3RP).  Her research project focuses on fin whale calls detected in the waters off of North Carolina.  Michele is examining the rate at which fin whales produce two specific call types throughout the breeding season, as changes in production rate during this time might convey information on reproductive status.  Michele is having a great time with this project!

Chemistry senior Mercedes Vilasoa is participating in her Capstone Internship this summer at Johns Hopkins Hospital Pharmacy. She is working with Dr. Alice Hsu investigating enterobacteriaceae, a bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics, and studying how patients with this bacteria should be treated. It's an amazing opportunity and Mercedes is very excited to talk about all that she's learning. This experience is especially important to Mercedes since she's planning a career in pharmacy.

Chemistry senior, Stephen Dennis, is participating in a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) at Virginia Commenwealth University (VCU) this summer. Stephen is working in the “Practices and Perspectives” program which is designed to provide an experience that combines practical training in specific research techniques (practices) with activities designed to put the research into the context of larger goals of modern science and technology (perspectives). Stephen was excited to be chosen for this program and is having a great summer!

Rosendo Lucio and Brandi Lookinghill were excited to meet each other at Mustang Day and enjoyed getting to know each other. Rosendo visited SU in his senior year and knew right away that this was the perfect university for him because he felt right at home. He is majoring in chemistry and plans to participate in the BS/MS program in chemistry and forensic science. Brandi chose SU because it's close to home. She's majoring in biochemistry because she loves the interface of chemistry and biology. She plans to become a researcher in biochemistry. Welcome to the Chemistry Department, Rosendo and Brandi!

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