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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

The ACS Club set up a candy buffet with 12 different types of candy to celebrate National Chemistry Week to go along with this year’s theme “The Sweet Side of Chemistry – Candy”.  All students from the university were able to come to the table and make a custom bag of candy with items from the table.  As they were filling their candy bags, officers were giving students some fun facts about candy as well as explained the chemistry behind candy making. 

Students in Mrs. Diane Payne's Honors General Chemistry course made posters along the 2014 theme of National Chemistry Week, "The Sweet Side of Chemistry."  Each student chose a type of candy- chocolate, cotton candy, pop rocks, etc. and explained the chemistry behind it.  The posters are displayed outside the General Chemistry Lab for everyone to enjoy!

Students in the department watched several video of Halloween related chemistry experiments including Self-Carving Pumpkins and Green Fire Pumpkins.  Then students attempted to build a pumpkin catapult using basic supplies. 

Chemistry faculty and students were a part of the 100th Anniverary of the American Chemical Society's Maryland Section Celebration.  In addition to faculty and students attending the Gala, officers of the ACS Club presented a demonstration on an advancement in chemistry that related to Stevenson University. The presentation was about a qualitative analysis device for marijuana that was created by the program coordinator of the Forensic Sciences Master’s Program at Stevenson, Dr. Jay Tobin.

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