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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

As the semester comes to a close, sophomore chemistry and biochemistry majors completed their last experiment in Organic Chemistry Lab. The students tested the rates of different substitution reactions (shown in the pictures above). Many different experiments were performed during the semester; however, when asked to reflect on these experiments, students agreed that their three favorites were analyzing over the counter drugs using thin-layer chromatography, identifying compounds by infrared spectroscopy, and synthesizing Dulcin, an artificial sweetner.  

In their last class of the semester, students in Mrs. Diane Payne’s New Student Seminar course enjoyed ice cream sundaes while receiving advice from Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Mathematics mentors. The students learned study tips and relaxation methods in preparation for finals as well as tips for how to spend their winter break wisely, which included applying for internships and research opportunities.

Biochemistry students, Courtney Aceto (top picture) and Amanda Gates (bottom left), participated in a poster session for their Genetics class with Dr. Rivka Glaser. Each student created a poster based on a controversial ethical topic in modern genetics and presented it to faculty members and students. One student shared “I enjoyed working on the poster project! This was a great way to learn the procedure for creating and printing a poster.”

Freshmen (l-r) Linsey Wainio, Hollie Larrimore and Kylie Denson are taking their introductory chemistry course this semester.  In this lab period, they were building molecules to see the structure of compounds in 3-dimensions.  In general, they agreed that lab is a good time to learn in a hands-on manner, something they like a lot.  

Biochemistry sophomore Kaylah Briscoe is really excited about Thanksgiving.  "We all go to my great-grandmother's house.  I enjoy seeing so many family members, especially my cousins.  I love that so many generations of our family can be together."

Chemistry senior Shelby Litz is looking forward to the Thanksgiving weekend.  "It will be really nice to relax and take a little break before studying for finals."


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