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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

In support of our students' presentations of their research and internship experiences, family members, friends and mentors came to the School of the Sciences Poster Session.  Pictured above are just a few of those that attended, shown with their students.

Students, faculty and staff all gathered in the gym for the School of the Sciences Semi-Annual Poster Session.  All students who had completed a Senior Research or Internship Capstone or had conducted research with a faculty member in the summer or fall presented a poster of their work.  Everyone was impressed with the variety of internship experiences and research studies our students had engaged in and how well they were able to speak of their projects. Congratulations to all!

Biochemistry juniors, Robert Chen and Nicole Heil stopped by to visit with Department Chair, Dr. Ellen Roskes, and to have an ice cream snack during the last week of classes.  How was the semester?  It was great, they both reported.  Robert really enjoyed his Biochemistry course, atributing his love of the course material to Dr. Tim Dwyer. an amazing professor.  Nicole really enjoyed her Genetics course, as she really enjoyed learning about genetic diseases.  Both students said they're gearing up for finals and are looking forward to the winter break!


SU's chapter of the American Chemistry Society (ACS) Club has been recognized on the national level as one of the 75 "Commendable Chapters."  Shelby Litz, club president explained the club's excitement about this honor, "There are over 1000 student chapter across the US and it feels really good to be recognized as one in a thousand!  I am extremely proud of the club as a whole!"  Ten chemistry and biochemistry students will represent the chapter at the ACS National Convention in Denver in March 2015 to receive their award.  Several of these students will also be presenting research they have participated in with chemistry and biochemistry faculty members.  

As the semester comes to a close, sophomore chemistry and biochemistry majors completed their last experiment in Organic Chemistry Lab. The students tested the rates of different substitution reactions (shown in the pictures above). Many different experiments were performed during the semester; however, when asked to reflect on these experiments, students agreed that their three favorites were analyzing over the counter drugs using thin-layer chromatography, identifying compounds by infrared spectroscopy, and synthesizing Dulcin, an artificial sweetner.  

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