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Lead and manage a scientific team or your own professional practice. Students majoring in Chemistry can prepare to direct projects and teams with a professional minor in Applied Management, opening doors to leadership careers in the scientific industry, clinical management, or business.

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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

Students and faculty who participated in the Summer Science Scholars Research Program met to hear our students present their overall projects and results.   Their overall summaries and presentations showed how much they learned over the summer, their growth as scientists and how much they loved the summer program!

Congratulations to junior Tiffany Kahl on being selected for American International Select Softball Team to represent the United States in the summer of 2015! Tiffany was nominated for this honor by her Stevenson coaches for her playing this past spring.

Tiffany will travel to Italy next summer and looks forward to playing, meeting her teammates who will be from all over the United States, meeting those on the other teams from all around the world and even finding her family roots in Italy! We're really excited for you, Tiffany!

Biochemistry Senior, Samantha Allen, spent her summer preparing for pharmacy school.  In addition to studying for her PCAT (Pharmacy College Admissions Test), Sam completed an internship at Giant Pharmacy. She had a great experience there and learned so much.

While at the internship, her supervisor allowed her to complete the hands-on experience and learning modules needed to sit for the Pharmacy Technician exam.With her coursework complete and a strong internship experience completed, Sam is well positioned for applying to pharmacy school!

The American Chemical Society (ACS) Club organized a student vs. faculty kickball game for the School of the Sciences.  The faculty team won 12 - 1!  Despite the upset, a GREAT time was had by all.  We're definitely looking forward to a rematch!

Each fall the School of the Sciences has an Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) event for middle school girls. The purpose of this day long event is to show these girls the excitement of science so that they consider careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers. The highlight of the event is a series of workshops developed and run by women scientists, from Stevenson and local industrial partners, in which the girls participate in hands-on activities.

In one such workshop, SU chemistry professors, Dr. Sara Narayan and Dr. Michelle Ivey, demonstrated chemiluminescence. Two solutions, one containing luminol and other other potassium ferricyanide, were combined and light was produced. They explained to the students that this light is called “cool light” because heat is not produced by the reaction, only light.

Dr. Narayan explained, "I enjoy watching the girls explore chemistry in such a fun way." Dr. Ivey added, "I volunteered for the event because it was a similar event that convinced me to go into sciences. I had a lot of fun interacting with all of the girls."

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