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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

Biochemistry senior Chris Toth is very excited about his new position at SU. He has always enjoyed going to sports events and just became the PA Announcer at many home Field Hockey, Women's Soccer, and Men's Soccer games.  "Being a PA Announcer is something I have always wanted to try. I am an avid sports fan at Stevenson so being able to support our teams in this way is a great experience and fun!"  

Alum Rachel Buchanan (CHEM '12, MS in FSCI '13) is currently employed by the United States Department of Defense. She works for the U.S. Army Public Health Center as a Physical Science Technician. She enjoys applying her coursework from SU in her daily work. 

Biochemistry sophomore Kourtney Wells is enjoying her second year at SU!  Kourtney's career goal is to become a pediatrician and she is taking all the courses needed to prepare her for medical school.  In between studying, Kourtney enjoys being active at SU. This year, she was chosen as a School of the Sciences’ Senator in the SGA. She's excited to have this important role in Student Government!

Organic Chemistry students started their first experiment of the semester, Recrystallization and Identification of an Unknown Compound.  After purifying their compound by recrystallizion, they were planning to determine its melting point to aid them in identifying the unknown.  Shown here are four biochemistry sophomores, (top picture, l to r), Kayla Bynion and Brandi Lookingbill and (bottom picture, l to r), Morgan McCluskey Wirtz and Meghann Hefner.

Alum Brandon Smith (BS Chem '13, MS FSCI '14) is our SU Chemistry Laboratory Manager.  Brandon enjoys working as the Chemistry Lab Manager because "I am involved in the behind-the-scenes work that makes it possible for the students to have a great laboratory experience. The lab is where the students get their hands-on practice and knowledge that they will later use in their careers. To be able to help provide the students with that opportunity is very fulfilling."  Everyone is glad to have Brandon as part of the SU Chemistry Team! 

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