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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

In her Honors General Chemistry demonstration, Chemistry freshman Janaya Slaughter showed the different colors that resulted when acidic and basic solutions were combined in beakers with different indicators. Janaya had a great first year at SU.  She came to SU for the BS/MS program in chemistry and forensic sciences and is excited to pursue a career in this area.

Congratulations to Chris Griffin on receiving the Chemistry Department’s Service Award at the May Celebration!  Chris was recognized for his dedication to participating in department events, including serving as a Supplemental Instruction Leader and tutor to many students.

Tierney Sugrue was recognized at the May Celebration for obtaining the highest GPA of all graduating chemistry and biochemistry seniors. Dr. Ellen Roskes presented her with an award and a gift to celebrate her accomplishments.  Congratulations Tierney!

Biochemistry freshman, Nichole Mgboji (left), had a great first year at SU.  Her career goal is to become a physician, so Nichole is shadowing an anesthesiologist this summer.  Nichole really enjoyed the Honors General Chemistry demonstrations.  She enjoyed not only performing her experiment on air pressure in a soda can, but also explaining the chemistry behind the results of the experiment to her classmates.

Under the direction of Dr. Michelle Ivey, Honors General Chemistry students ended their freshmen year in chemistry by each performing a chemical demonstration.  In choosing their demonstrations, students selected one that related to concepts learned in class during the year.  Students then wrote procedures, listed safety tips and practiced their demonstrations.  They were then giving the opportunity to present the demonstrations to their class and visitors during the last lab period.  The students did an amazing job and loved participating in this educational and fun project!

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