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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

The Geraldine and Sam Dell Scholarship for Excellence and Character in the Sciences was established in 2012 by Sam and Geraldine Dell, in order to recognize and encourage science and math students in the School of the Sciences. Each year, a rising senior in the School of the Sciences is selected for the Dell Scholarship.   The student chosen is one who consistently achieves excellence through a strong work ethic and sense of integrity, demonstrates an exceptional ability to work in teams and contributes to the personal and professional development of team members, and shows an appreciation for cultural diversity.  Congratulations to junior chemistry major Blake Ford, who was honored as the 2016-17 Dell Scholarship recipient at the annual Dell Lecture.   Blake is shown above with SU President, Dr. Kevin Manning, and Mr. Sam Dell.

The Chemistry Department is excited to share our new sweatshirts!  Designed by graduate assistant, Shelby Litz (CHEM '15, FSCI '16), the sweatshirts are warm, cozy and very popular with students and faculty!

Chemistry and biochemistry majors spend time in the laboratories each semester to gain hands-on experience.  We strongly believe that students learn science by doing it.  These pictures represent some recent student lab work.

The ACS Club meets several times each month.  In addition to conducting the business of the club, an activity is planned for each meeting to have some fun.  For the first meeting of the semester, club members were able to learn about green chemistry while creating Alka Seltzer Rockets.

This weekend, the School of the Sciences welcomed several alumni back to the Greenspring Campus for Future Stevenson Scholars’ Day.  Christopher Griffin (Chem ’15) assisted Dr. Mason with the Fingerprinting Workshop for prospective students interested in Forensic Science; Brittany Bryant (Chem ’13) and Mandi Sheroke (Chem ’14) met with parents of prospective students; and Julia Barker (Chem ’10) and Michelle Serafin (Chem ’10) talked with prospective students about the Department of Chemistry at Stevenson.


Thank you to all our alumni that helped make Future Stevenson Scholars’ Day a huge success!

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