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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

Chemistry Lab Manager, Brandon Smith (BS CHEM '13, MS Forensic Sciences, '14), is excited about our new building.  He loves that there is a lot of space, especially in our very large chemistry/biochemistry research lab.  He reports that he's still learning his way around, but is excited for the semester to start to see how smoothly the lab courses will run.  He knows our students will love all our new and beautiful space!

Biochemistry junior, Meghann Hefner, is working with Dr. Tim Dwyer as part of the Summer Science Scholars Research Program (S3RP).  She is expressing and purifying isoforms of malate dehydrogenase to test inhibitors to help with chemotherapeutic agents.  Meghann is really enjoying her summer experience.  She loves being in our new building, learning new techniques, using new equipment and learning a lot of biochemistry! 

This summer, chemistry senior Craig Winters is completing his capstone research project at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Coop. He is researching nicotinic receptors and synthesizing compounds that antagonize those receptors.  The goal of the research is to develop compounds that can be injected into people who have overdosed on nicotine and other drugs so that the effect of the overdoses are negated. This research ties in with Craig's career goal of becoming a pharmaceutical chemist.  Craig is enjoying his capstone experience very much: "I enjoy doing this because it saves lives of those that do not know the harmful effects of nicotine and other harmful drugs that still have to be tested."

Biochemistry Senior, Briana Winer is completing an internship in Dr. Janice Evans' lab at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Briana is assisting in research using mouse oocytes. Since her career goal is to be an embryologist in a fertility clinic, the practice she has gotten thus far handling oocytes and the techniques she's learned for pulling pipets and transferring eggs are very helpful. In addition, Briana reports, "I have made new friends and colleagues that help me push myself to work harder. I can't wait to see what the rest of my time at Hopkins will bring!"

Chemistry alum Lisa (Baker) Hinton (BS, 2011) is the winemaker at local Old Westminster Winery. Their Malbec recently won Best in Show at the Comptroller's Cup Wine Competition.  This wine was fermented with wild yeast, crafted with minimal intervention and aged in French oak barrels for eighteen months.  Congratulations to Lisa and her family!

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