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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

Next in the series on what chemistry professors are up to this summer is Professor Tracey Mason. Dr. Mason took a road trip with a friend to Eau Claire Wisconsin in July. The trip was made to celebrate the marriage of a friend who's party had already been postponed once due to Covid. On the way back she stopped in Chicago to visit Millennium Park and the Navy Pier. The forest fires out west made the air thick over the skyline. 

Chicago skyline

Crown Fountain Chicago

Cloud Gate Reflection

Dr. Ward Summer Reunion

Next in our faculty summer series, Professor Dawn Ward enjoyed a huge family reunion in New Jersey that was so special that it was featured on Good Morning America. What makes this such an amazing story is the tenacity with which her family has stayed connected EVERY week throughout the pandemic. Watch the full story by clicking the photo. Dr. Ward can be seen celebrating with her family! 

Dr. Ivey Mississippi

In this second post highlighting faculty summer activities, Professor Michelle Ivey is cruising up the Mississippi from New Orleans to St. Louis via riverboat.  The eleven day cruise includes many interesting ports and sights, including Graceland and historic homes and plantations, while hearing from an onboard Civil War Historian. The cruise was a bit of normalcy enjoyed by Dr. Ivey and her family.

While things are getting slowly back to somewhat normal, our faculty are doing some fun and exciting things over the summer break. To start off this series, we are highlighting the efforts of Professor Jeremy Burkett and looking for your help!

Dr. Burkett is practicing concise communication of a scientific topic. The Veritasium Channel on YouTube (#VeritasiumContest) is hosting a contest to see how well someone can explain a complex topic in about a minute. You can watch Dr. Burkett's communication entry here:

                                                                             Burkett Contest

If you think he succeeded in concise communication, just your view will help, but LIKING the video will also help get his video in front of the judges. Good luck Dr. Burkett! 

          Megan Hamp

Biochemistry major Megan Hamp is completing an internship at Friends Medical Laboratory this summer. For her Capstone Internship, she is developing her chromatography skills to perform drug tests on samples. She hopes to learn skills necessary for a career in forensic toxicology.  Megan was recently admitted into the 4+1 BS to MFS program at SU and begins completing graduate level coursework this fall as she simultaneously completes her BS. 

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