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Lead and manage a scientific team or your own professional practice. Students majoring in Chemistry can prepare to direct projects and teams with a professional minor in Applied Management, opening doors to leadership careers in the scientific industry, clinical management, or business.

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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

Keith McNeill Research Poster

Biochemistry junior Keith McNeill completed independent research last fall with chemistry faculty member Dr. Sara Narayan. The work was computational-based, examining potential new anti-HIV medications using Gaussian molecular modeling software. Keith was able to compare his non-laboratory based experience with those he's had in the laboratory. You don't always have to do chemistry with beakers and flasks; there are many opportunities to do work outside of the laboratory in chemistry.

Chemicals of Attraction

Celebrating the chemistry behind feelings of love and happiness! 

                      Krystine Hill at U. Pitt.

                            Krystine Hill is studyng at University of Pittsburgh

                      Stacey Wardenfelt is at Ohio State

                             Stacey Wardenfelt is studying at Ohio State University

                      Delaney Patterson is at U. Md. College Park

                          Delaney Patterson is studying at U. Maryland College Park

We checked in recently with three of our chemistry alums, Krystine Hill (Chem'18), Stacey Wardenfelt (Bioch '18) and Delaney Patterson (Bioch '18), who after graduating from Stevenson last May, decided to pursue a Ph.D.  Krystine is at University of Pittsburgh, Stacey is attending Ohio state and Delaney is at Maryland College Park. They have some observations to share of their first semester of graduate school:  [You are] "not prepared for how much goes on in your first year of grad school. having to balance graduate level classes, teaching 10 hours a week (and grading ), getting comfortable in a new city, learning a new school, finding new friends, getting into a lab group and finding a PI that is a perfect fit for you..."  "Grad school is a lot of work and is definitely an adjustment period. The learning curve is substantial, just like any transition in TAing has left with me many funny stories to be able to tell."  We look forward to hearing from you all again soon! 

Chemistry faculty mingle with prospective students during lunch

Chemistry faculty chat with students and parents over lunch.

Alum Corinna Carter

Corinna Carter (CHEM BS '16/ MFS '17)

Accepted students day is one of our favorite events. We get a sneak preview of our future Mustangs and chat with them over lunch, AND we are visited by our amazing alumni! 

Alums Corinna Carter and Kathryn Merrick Jendras (BS/Bioch '15) were on hand to share their Stevenson experiences with new students and their parents. 

Welcome back to campus

The Department of Chemistry is very excited to start the 2019 Spring Semester! Welcome to our new students and welcome back to our returning students.  We already have snow in the forecast for tomorrow! Here's hoping the disruptions are minimal to classes. 

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