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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

               Becoming a Crime Scene Investigator book cover

Erika Harden working

Erika Harden is a CSI with Baltimore Police, but she's also an alumnae from Chemistry '14 and Forensic Science '15. She also teaches as an adjunct instructor of Forensic Science in SUO. Erika, and her director, Rana DellaRocco, also an adjunct FSCI instructor,  were featured in a recent publication "Becoming a Crime Scene Investigator" by Jacqueline Detwiler George. The author shadowed Erika on her shift as a Crime Scene Technician at BPD and described in the book what a day in the life on a crime scene team really looks like. 

The ACS student club sponsored several events to celebrate national chemistry week, culminating in everyone's favorite ice cream! 


           chem week flyer

making N2 ice cream

Wrapping up the summer series on what chem faculty did over the summer is Professor Harrell's attendance at the wedding of biochemistry alum Delaney Patterson.  Delaney, a 2018 graduate got married in Taneytown, MD to fiancee Shawn DiMaggio on August 21. The couple resides in Pennsylvania, where Delaney is employed by Eurofins Lancaster Labs.   Best wishes to the happy couple! 

Wedding group

Delaney and Prof

Joe Kittelberger

Josef Kittelberger is a '20 Chemistry graduate of Stevenson. He returned to SU this past May for graduation and everyone loved seeing him and hearing about his very exciting job: Joe is utilizing his chemistry degree in the candy industry! After graduation, Joe obtained a position at Hybrid Confections, the sister company of Enstrom Candies, a four-generation family-owned candy company in Grand Junction, Colorado, known for its delicious toffees and confections. Joe is involved in their new project: gummy manufacture, including cannabidiol (CBD) gummies. To quote Joe, “Working in the candy business is a sweet gig!”

Next in the series of what chemistry faculty did this summer is Professor Tim Dwyer's trip to Colorado in July.  You may already know that Dr. Dwyer is originally from Colorado and that most of his extended family still lives there. Seeing his family was overdue because of Covid, and he was able to be present for his dad's 80th birthday celebration. 

Tim Dwyer and Family

Dr. Dwyer took two of his kids with him on this trip. If you've ever had Dr. Dwyer as a professor, it's likely you know all three of his kids' (and his pets'!) names. They all enjoyed time with their family, hiking in Red Rocks, rock climbing and took in a Colorado Rapids soccer game together. 

Hiking at Red Rock

          Tim Dwyer and kids

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