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rainforest 1

rainforest 2

students in canoe

Direct from our Study Abroad Trip:

"We are back from the Amazon rainforest! What an adventure....6 hours travel time one way from Coca, but so worth it. The number of plants, animals, birds and bugs are incomprehensible. We hiked, swam in the river, paddled around in a lagoon, and climbed the canopy tower for a birds eye view. We ate well, slept hard, and some of us got way outside our comfort zone. So worth it; what an incredible experience."

students at hospital

The Herbal Medicines and Remedies Study Abroad group traveled to hospital de Los Valles, a private hospital, and to hospital de Yaruqui, a public hospital that serves a large surrounding area. Those hospitals are part of a level one health center, and more severe cases must be referred to hospital de Calderon, thirty minutes away.  It's important to learn about hospitals in Ecuador and how herbal medicines and remedies play a role in the treatment of patients.

owl in Mexico

Each winter, faculty member Dr. George Lauterbach and his wife, Janice, travel to Mexico to go birding.  They always share a special picture with us.  This year, they sent a picture of a hard-to-find bird that they’ve been looking for for years! It is the Colima Pygmy Owl.  This little owl is only 5 inches tall, hunts during the day, is ferocious, preys on other small birds and mammals, and nevertheless is adorable. This picture shows it actually facing away from the camera so you see its back.  Its head is twisted 180 degrees in response to Dr. Lauterbach's call.  It is indigenous to the western coast of Mexico and terrifies birds when it enters their habitat.

group of students holding SU sign

bird seen on trip

The Study Abroad trip participants were up early to bird watch in the Maquipucuna Cloud Forest of the Andes. There are known to be over 200 species of birds there. This high altitude rainforest represents 10% of the biodiversity of Ecuador.

students eating lunch

The 2019 Winterim of CHEM 206, Herbal Medicines and Remedies, has arrived in Ecuador!  It should be an amazing 2+ weeks!  Here the group is enjoying lunch before touring the colonial city of Quito.

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