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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

Morgan McCluskey Wirtz (Biochem '18) started this fall at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Pharmacy.  She's very excited to be in pharmacy school and is very glad that she chose VCU.  "I am currently taking ten classes varying from communications to organic chemistry to health care systems. I’m beginning to memorize a portion of the top 300 prescription drugs, which might be one of my favorite things so far." Morgan encourages others at SU interested in pharmacy to get a lot of experience in a pharmacy before applying to pharmacy school- it's really helping her a lot!  Morgan just participated in the White Coat Ceremony, receiving her white coat and taking the Oath of Pharmacy Students.  The Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty at Stevenson are so proud of Morgan!

Biochemistry senior, Karyn Yates worked this summer completing her Capstone at Callender Dermatology and Cosmetic Center in Glenn Dale, MD.  Some of her tasks as an intern were working with patient documents and understanding the clinical research studies.  "The two main studies that I have worked closely with are about Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia and Acne Vulgaris.  I also joined the research staff during their trainings for upcoming studies.  Even though I will miss the upcoming studies because I will be back in classes at Stevenson, the staff still wanted me to join the training sessions because they say I am a part of the team."

Prior to this internship, Karyn knew that she was interested in skin care, but she wasn't sure if she wanted to work with cosmetics or on the medical side of skin care.  "I hoped this internship would help clear up some of my questions for my career, and it has!  I now know that medical dermatology is exactly where I want to be."

Ashley Mills completed her Capstone internship this summer working with Lab Services at Stevenson University. She completed various tasks that included organizing, cleaning, and taking inventory of chemistry and biology lab spaces. In addition, she made media for the upcoming Fall 2018 semester biology classes and I helped with putting away newly ordered items in the correct places. Also, she assisted with prepping labs for our Project Lead the Way Program which took place this summer. Ashley is looking forward to a career in forensics and strongly believes that all lab experience will help her in the future in her career.  

Chemistry senior, Brett Olin spent this summer completing his Capstone internship at Jefferson Hospital in Cherry Hill, NJ in the Pharmacy Department. He checked drug expirations as well as ensured that medication was kept in a safe and clean environment. He also accompanied the pharmacy technician on medication deliveries as well as sat in on and observed hospital wide safety meetings. Brett learned so much this summer and he will use this information as he applies to pharmacy schools this fall.

For her Capstone Internship, Biochemistry senior Sehlah Butt worked at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in Pakistan as an intern in three different departments: Chemotherapy, Out-Patient, and the Emergency Room. She worked along side physicians and nurses to assist patients by translating applications and patient progress reports from English to Urdu for the patients and their families and making sure each patient room was well equipped with new blankets, pillows, and toiletry. She also worked alongside Department Chairs in the Out-Patient Department by translating their Hospital Protocols, training manuals, and more important documents to English in order to teach staff members how important it is to communicate in English with certain patients.

Here's Sehlah's summary of her experience:  "I plan on working in the healthcare field specifically outside America. When it came time to choose a Capstone, I wanted to go outside the country and learn. I wanted to learn about healthcare in Pakistan and how different it is from healthcare in America. I can say with great certainty that working in a hospital outside America really opened my eyes to how grateful we as Americans should be for the healthcare and equipment that is readily available to us. It was such an eye opening experience that I will never forget!"

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