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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

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Footwear Impression

       Footwear Impression 2

Survey of  Forensic Science is the first course that introduces students to a career in forensic sciences. The course covers lots of topics, including crime scene investigation, trace evidence analysis, fingerprints, forensic chemistry (drugs and toxicology) and biology (serology and DNA), bloodstain pattern analysis and arson and explosives. Students in Professor Carter's Forensic Science 101 course this week were exploring footwear impressions during class last week, an important piece of evidence at a crime scene. 

First Year Seminar is a required course for all incoming freshman at Stevenson. The course is designed to guide students in discovering their strengths and how those strengths fit in with their career goals. A sense of community is forged as students participate in a day of service with the university. Part of the class is just learning their way around campus, and designing their course plan for the next four years. Students take selfies around campus to show that they can locate necessary resources. Some students have a lot of fun with their photos as can be seen here.





Biochemistry (BS'17) graduate Courtney Aceto visited juniors and seniors in class this week. The course, taught by Dr. Ward,  is Career Development in Chemistry, a course designed to help students get that first job: polishing up their resume, prepare for their first interview, writing that personal statement for graduate school, or exploring non-traditional careers in chemistry and biochemistry. Today Courtney came to talk to students about her path and to offer advice. Courtney's story was recently featured in the Chemistry blog. The course, now in its second year, is highly praised by students, and it gave them the edge they needed. 100 % of the seniors who took the course in Spring 2017 had a major-related job withing 6 months of graduation.

Following the international success of his first two apps, Dr. Jeremy Burkett has entered the world of augmented reality by releasing two new versions of his molecule visualization apps.  Using the recent advances in coding frameworks, Crystalz AR and Atomic Orbitalz AR take the same high definition 3-D models from the original apps and now, using the camera on your iPhone or iPad, place those objects right there in the room with you.  Users can now walk around and interact with the models in real time and space!

The fall section of Honors General Chemistry I (pictured above with their instructor, Dr. Jeremy Burkett) crafted and presented Original Proposals for Research. The students used current and existing technologies as the basis of their proposals of original, unique ideas for future research projects. All presentations included a description of an existing scientific issue or global, medical, or economic need and how the students proposed to address that issue with their new research initiative. Each talk was followed by a short question and answer period. This spring the students will be preparing and conducting unique chemistry demonstrations to perform for onlookers.

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