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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

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The American Chemical Society Club hosted its Annual Chemistry Magic Show, this time in our new building in one of our Chemistry Demonstration Rooms! This exciting fall event shows the fun and interesting experiments students can do using basic chemistry!

The magic show included 10 exciting experiments performed and explained by ACS members:

Cold Light of Luminol, performed by Courtney Aceto

Briggs Rauscher Oscillating Reaction, performed by Corinna Carter

Turning Pennies Silver and Gold, performed by Blake Ford

Fun with Dry Ice, performed by Ryan James

Gummi Bear Explosion, performed by Tyler John

Phenolphthalein Acid-Base Indicator, performed by Kayla Bynion

Cold as Ice, performed by Jan Donato

Magic Wand, performed by Tania Rodriguez-Cintora

Burning Money, performed by Ana Villa Abarca, and Elephant Toothpaste by Stacey Wardenfelt.

Thank you to all ACS members, especially Krystine Hill, the Vice President of ACS, and our Lab Services personnel, for organizing and running a fun and exciting event! The Magic Show was a huge success again!

Juniors and seniors in Dr. Tracey Mason's upper level chemistry Integrative Laboratory class discussed the new building as they worked in groups on their independent projects.  Although they are still getting used to the new very large building, they absolutely love the lab spaces!  Some of their comments included, "There's so much room!"  "Everything is new and beautiful!"  "This place is awesome!"

The Department of Chemistry is very excited to start the 2016-2017 year! The start of a new academic year always brings wonderful energy and excitement to campus, especially since we are starting in our new building!  

More details will follow on this blog about our students, our faculty and staff, the internships and research that our students are engaged in, activities organized by our clubs, and exciting classes and laboratory experiments. ...Click here to read more.

Chemistry Lab Manager, Brandon Smith (BS CHEM '13, MS Forensic Sciences, '14), is excited about our new building.  He loves that there is a lot of space, especially in our very large chemistry/biochemistry research lab.  He reports that he's still learning his way around, but is excited for the semester to start to see how smoothly the lab courses will run.  He knows our students will love all our new and beautiful space!

The Chemistry Department is thrilled that our biochemistry major was featured in a Sun Ad for Stevenson Universities New Academic Center.  We're excited to showcase our new building with all the wonderful labs and learning spaces that it contains!

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