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Lead and manage a scientific team or your own professional practice. Students majoring in Chemistry can prepare to direct projects and teams with a professional minor in Applied Management, opening doors to leadership careers in the scientific industry, clinical management, or business.

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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

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faculty with poster

Chemistry faculty member, Dr. Sara Narayan, attended the 9th International Conference on Green & Sustainable Chemistry in Reston, Virginia.  She presented a poster on an easy method for the isolation of caffeine from tea bags that can be used for nursing students taking their chemistry course. 

many cranes near water

close up of crane with red head

Chemistry faculty member, Dr. George Lauterbach, is spending Spring Break visiting Tombstone, AZ to see the migrating Sand Hill Cranes.  These large cranes winter in southeast Arizona and migrate in huge flocks to the far reaches of northern Canada and into Siberia for breeding. The picture of the mass of birds shows about 2000 of them hanging out near a pond to rest up and begin their long trek. The close-ups show them in some detail. The red part on the head are not feathers but the skin on their head.    

containers with herbal medicines

healer with patient

The Study Abroad group visited an Andian medical clinic, Jambi Huasi in the Otovalo highlands. Here they learned about the traditional approaches to healthcare in the community. Some diagnostic procedures use a raw egg, while more specific methods involve a cuy, or Guinea pig. The clinic also has an expert herbalist with a substantial store of herbal remedies.  The trip is just amazing!

admins and faculty at signing ceremony

The Chemistry Department is excited about our new articulation agreement with Carroll Community College!  Students who earn a Physical Science AS with Chemistry can transfer to Stevenson's Chemistry or Biochemistry majors.  Students who earn a Biology AS can transfer to our Biochemistry major.   This agreement allows students to come directly into our majors without losing credits!  Those students can easily finish they BS degrees from Stevenson in 2 years!  The official signing ceremony took place at Carroll  Community College with faculty and administrators from both institutions present.

rainforest 1

rainforest 2

students in canoe

Direct from our Study Abroad Trip:

"We are back from the Amazon rainforest! What an adventure....6 hours travel time one way from Coca, but so worth it. The number of plants, animals, birds and bugs are incomprehensible. We hiked, swam in the river, paddled around in a lagoon, and climbed the canopy tower for a birds eye view. We ate well, slept hard, and some of us got way outside our comfort zone. So worth it; what an incredible experience."

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