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Chemistry and Biochemistry News

Date: Sep 2015

Congratulations to Daniela Poss (BS Chemistry 2012) on receiving her Masters in Public Health in Epidemiology from George Washington University in May. She now works as a Public Health Analyst with a consulting firm....Click here to read more.

Biochemistry junior Ciara Faupel is having a great start to her semester. As she finished her online Microbiology quiz on negative staining and serial dilutions, she explained why she is now taking more chemistry and biology classes and engaging in research. She loves learning both sciences and seeing the interconnections. In her words, "I love majoring in biochemistry- it allows me to study both chemistry and biology so that I have a more complete picture of science!"

Biochemistry senior Chris Toth is very excited about his new position at SU. He has always enjoyed going to sports events and just became the PA Announcer at many home Field Hockey, Women's Soccer, and Men's Soccer games.  "Being a PA Announcer is something I have always wanted to try. I am an avid sports fan at Stevenson so being able to support our teams in this way is a great experience and fun!"  

Alum Rachel Buchanan (CHEM '12, MS in FSCI '13) is currently employed by the United States Department of Defense. She works for the U.S. Army Public Health Center as a Physical Science Technician. She enjoys applying her coursework from SU in her daily work. 

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