This summer, biochemistry senior Tyler Rutherford is a Stevenson University student intern at the Nathan Schnaper Summer Intern Program in Cancer Research at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Here’s what he has to say about this experience: “My summer research is fantastic! I love the hospital, the lab I work in and my project. My research focuses on a potential therapeutic for acute myeloid leukemia. I have really enjoyed conducting research this summer. Being in the lab has not only taught me an array of biochemistry assays – but as also reinforced the material I have learned in my undergraduate lectures. Having the opportunity to critically think about a project, execute my ideas and contribute to the development of a cancer therapeutic is extremely rewarding.

I am currently applying to medical school and having research is an integral part of the application process. In addition however, I have gained such a large appreciation for all of the contributions scientist make in the medical field. This summer I have met so many physicians that conduct research and it has shown me that the laboratory work doesn’t have to end after medical school. In the future, I hope to integrate doing research and one day having my own lab while still seeing patients on a regular basis.”