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The Forensic Science Club held a fun “whodunnit” event called Clue Live! this week. As players arrived, they were each given an envelope containing a suspect card, a weapon card and a room card. The players took turns, using the game sheets to take notes and eliminate suspects, weapons and rooms as they played. Play continued until someone decides to make a formal accusation. Once it is made, the accuser looks into the envelope. If correct, the game has been won. If incorrect, the player continues to participate but is not allowed to make another guess. Eventually the murderer was discovered!

Chemistry major Brandan Pruitt interned at ARCpoint Labs, a comprehensive clinical testing lab in Columbia, Maryland. Brandan ran different clinicla tests: DNA, drug screens, and COVID-19 tests. he was also able to learn phlebotomy in order to perform draws and other sample collections for tests that were outsourced. His favorite part of the internship was exposure to laboratory techniques that he didn’t learn through his coursework, and he was really suprised to see how often people still get tested for COVID. He is grateful for the experience that this internship has provided, namely, experience with working in a lab. His career plans will still be in a lab, but he hopes to transition into a forensic laboratory setting.


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