Chemistry and Biochemistry News

The fall section of Honors General Chemistry I (pictured above with their instructor, Dr. Jeremy Burkett) crafted and presented Original Proposals for Research. The students used current and existing technologies as the basis of their proposals of original, unique ideas for future research projects. All presentations included a description of an existing scientific issue or global, medical, or economic need and how the students proposed to address that issue with their new research initiative. Each talk was followed by a short question and answer period. This spring the students will be preparing and conducting unique chemistry demonstrations to perform for onlookers.

The Department of Chemistry is very excited to start the 2018 Spring Semester! Welcome to our new students and welcome back to our returning students. We are showing you these beautiful summer begonias at the Stevenson sign to remind you that there are only 56 days until spring!

The adventures of Dr. Lauterbach in Mexico continue, as he sent this recent photo of a beautiful tropical specimen:

“We saw this beautiful green jay the other day. It blends in very well with the jungle foliage and is hard to spot. I was lucky it was close enough to get with my iPhone camera. It is related to the common blue jay we have at home, but is only found in southern Texas and coastal Mexico.”

Chemistry and science writing faculty participated in the winter writing retreat sponsored by the OSPR (Office of Sponsored Research and Programs). Dr. Ward and Dr. Mason are collaborating on a article for submission to the Journal of Chemical Education, while Dr. Spencer worked on her own writing projects for scholarship. The next OSPR writing retreat will be held in the spring with a four day event led by Dr. Jenny Shannahan and Dr. Herb Childress. These workshops are open to all faculty, and are a great way to make progress on writing projects, and to receive feedback and peer review of drafted work. Interested faculty should be on the lookout for announcements about the spring writing retreat coming to your inbox.

Dr. George Lauterbach, adjunct professor is an avid bird watcher. He and his wife traveled to Mexico this winter in hopes to spot new bird species they haven’t seen. Dr. Lauterbach decided to “count” this iguana among his spotted birds when it wandered nearby the pool where he was lounging. These iguanas are “everywhere…fierce looking but non-aggressive and actually quite beautiful!” Enjoy the warm weather Dr. L!