Chemistry and Biochemistry News

Two Chemistry Department Alumni and recent graduates from the Forensic Science Master’s program presented at the Mid-Atlantic Association of Forensic Chemists Meeting last week. Nicole Heil (Biochem BS’16, MS’17) presented her research on the persistence of the explosive TNT on collected crime scene evidence and Malik Naanaa (Chem BS’16, MS’17) presented his work on synthetic cathinones, a type of street drug similar to amphetamines.

Alumnus Chris Griffin (Chem BS ’16/FSCI MS ’17) stopped by for a visit and to attend the Graduate and Professional School graduation. Chris has been working at Lancaster Laboratories in Lancaster PA where he conducts quality control tests on products such as electrolytes and recombinant insulin by HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography). Chris learned HPLC in Instrumental Analysis and used it as a tool to conduct soil analysis for his Masters thesis work. Chris has been at Lancaster labs since October 2016.

Several Chemistry faculty members participated in the week-long writing institute hosted by the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (OSPR) at the Gramercy Carriage house near the Greenspring Campus. Much progress was made on the preparation of a paper for submission to Journal of Chemical Education and much needed revision of organic laboratory course material. The institute is in its 9th year and was facilitated by Dr. Jenny Shanahan and Dr. Herb Childress. They provide guidance, advice and a critical eye during the writing process for all participants.

The Beverly K. Fine School of the Sciences and Department of Chemistry are happy to announce the following chemistry (C) and biochemistry (B) students earned their bachelors degree in chemistry(C) or biochemistry (B) and many participated in the morning commencement ceremonies: Courtney Aceto (B), Kennedy Akwo (B) , John Backert (C), Kaylah Briscoe (B), Corinna Carter (C), Carli Castiglia (C), Julie Davenport (B), Theresa Davenport (B), Jan Donato (B), Amber Dwight (B), Blake Ford (C), Nick Hooke (C), Sade Lucas (B), Andrew Potter (C), Lexie Spertzel (C), Briana Winer (B) and Craig Winters (C). Congratulations graduates!

Students in the School of the Sciences were recognized for their academic achievements at the May Celebration and Dessert Reception held on Wednesday. Special recognition goes to chemistry and biochemistry graduates honored. Corinna Carter received the American Chemical Society Award and the award for Academic Excellence; Blake Ford received the Chemistry Service Award; Courtney Aceto received the Brusini Excellence in Science Award, and the following students were inducted into Sigma Xi : Courtney Aceto, Blake Ford, Sade Lucas, Andrew Potter, Briana Winer and Craig Winters. Congratulations, graduates!

Blake Ford received an additional recognition at commencement: the President’s Award for Scholarly and Creative Achievement.