Chemistry and Biochemistry News

Biochemistry juniors Aeninll Smith and Tyler John are working with Dr. Dawn Ward this semester doing independent research. They are working on an organic extraction of a compound they have been synthesizing: m-benzyloxyacetophenone, which will eventually be tested for its metal-chelating ability.

Marching band is a great way to become involved at Stevenson, and many chemistry/biochemistry majors join the Mustang Marching 100, under the direction of Professor Mark Lortz. Pictured above, senior biochemistry major Jan Donato and senior chemistry major Corinna Carter have marched all four years. Students in marching band can fulfill their fine arts education requirement for free while earning a small grant for participation. No experience is necessary!

Photo credit: Stevenson Flickr Photo stream

Junior Biochemistry major Becca Holcomb is working in the cold room with Professor Tim Dwyer to collect malate dehydrogenase protein fractions as they elute from an affinity chromatography column. They will verify the presence of the protein in the fractions through ultraviolet spectroscopy. Independent research is conducted by all full time faculty in the Chemistry Department, who mentor students every semester and over the summer.

Every Friday, Chemistry Laboratory Manager Brandon Smith can be seen testing the 36 eye and face wash safety fountains and the 17 safety drench showers in the different laboratories in the School of the Sciences. Designed to deliver 20 gallons of water per minute, these safety showers are activated weekly to verify correct operation. The yellow “shower sleeve” and bucket prevent flooding of the lab while in test mode.

The Chemistry Department welcomed over 25 prospective chemistry and biochemistry majors to Future Stevenson Scholars Day on Saturday February 11th in the new Manning Academic Center. Students participated in some lab-based activities while their parents met the faculty. Pictured is faculty member Dr. Tim Dwyer helping students complete a biochemistry experiment with potato enzymes. Faculty, current students and alumni were on hand to meet all of the guests and happily provided information about the department and programs.