Chemistry and Biochemistry News

Students attended a session given by Mrs. Diane Payne, Assistant Vice President for Research & Academic Operations, to learn about undergraduate summer research opportunities. Her office helps SU students expand their scientific experience by assisting them in finding summer research opportunities. Some of these opportunities may be through programs offered by the NIH or NSF, internships or research with the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, REU opportunities, and many others! If you are an undergraduate looking to gain real world experience, contact Mrs. Payne at

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Faculty are thankful for…

our wonderful students

our new building

our dedicated staff

Stevenson University

our families

our good health

our country

Have a great Thanksgiving!

For the second year in a row, the ACS Club performed a Chemistry Magic Show as part of the Maryland STEM Festival. The standing room only crowd loved every minute of the event- the visiting children were captivated with the experiments that were performed and laughed at the chemistry jokes. A great time was had by all and we look forward to doing this again next year!

Biochemistry junior, Morgan Wirtz, was named the Middle Atlantic Conference Golfer of the Month twice in October, and now in November, Morgan was named the ECAC Division III Women’s Co-Golfer of the Month!

Morgan is having a career year through two months of play, having been named the MAC Golfer of the week five times. She is averaging a career-best average 81.0 and has and has shot an 80 or lower five times this year.

We’re all so excited for you, Morgan!

The American Chemical Society Club hosted its Annual Chemistry Magic Show, this time in our new building in one of our Chemistry Demonstration Rooms! This exciting fall event shows the fun and interesting experiments students can do using basic chemistry!

The magic show included 10 exciting experiments performed and explained by ACS members:

Cold Light of Luminol, performed by Courtney Aceto

Briggs Rauscher Oscillating Reaction, performed by Corinna Carter

Turning Pennies Silver and Gold, performed by Blake Ford

Fun with Dry Ice, performed by Ryan James

Gummi Bear Explosion, performed by Tyler John

Phenolphthalein Acid-Base Indicator, performed by Kayla Bynion

Cold as Ice, performed by Jan Donato

Magic Wand, performed by Tania Rodriguez-Cintora

Burning Money, performed by Ana Villa Abarca, and Elephant Toothpaste by Stacey Wardenfelt.

Thank you to all ACS members, especially Krystine Hill, the Vice President of ACS, and our Lab Services personnel, for organizing and running a fun and exciting event! The Magic Show was a huge success again!