Chemistry and Biochemistry News

Chemistry faculty member, Dr. George Lauterbach, spent part of his winter break in Mexico. He was able to find and photograph this beautiful bird, a squirrel cuckcoo. This large and long-tailed cuckoo grows to 16-20 inches and weighs about 4 oz.

Due to winter storm Jonas with its record breaking snowfall, the start of the semester has been delayed by three days! NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) shared some background on the science behind snowflakes. Read the full story.

Reference: NOAA

A week before the start of each semester, faculty gather to discuss plans for the new semester. This January, a new approach to our upper level integrative labs was discussed, upcoming award winners were chosen, and new ways to help freshmen and sophomore students be more successful in their coursework were brainstormed. Everyone is excited to start the Spring 2016 semester!

Biochemistry junior, Zoe Singman, completed a research experience with SU faculty member, Dr. Rivka Glaser, in the fall, studying the attitudes of people with neurofibromatosis towards facial transplants. Zoe reported that she learned a lot about neurofibromatosis and how the disease impacts individuals emotionally and socially. She also learned how to organize and perform statistical analysis on non-numeric data and the benefits and drawbacks of survey research.

Zoe thinks this research experience “dovetails perfectly with my career goal as a physician. My research this fall required me to work with, interpret, and present self-reported personal information in a sensitive and thoughtful manner. It required me to learn about the viewpoints of others, in this case the individuals with NF in our study population. These abilities will be important in direct patient care.”

Biochemistry senior, Prince Gyamfi, completed his Capstone internship at Spine and Joint Center of the Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC). His career goal is to become a physician. “My internship at GBMC has even strengthened my passion in medicine. I got to observe how nurses and physicians work together to provide care. I had the opportunity to shadow an anesthesiologist, and, as a result, I observed a variety of surgeries. I enjoyed interacting with patients and their families and had much admiration for their care providers. One highlight of my internship was interacting with medical students undertaking their residencies. I learned a lot from them about life in the medical school and how information they receive in class is translated and utilized in hospitals. I would say it was an exciting experience that helped me confirm that I made the right career choice.” Prince is shown here describing his internship to visitors to the SOS Poster Session.