Chemistry and Biochemistry News

Junior chemistry major Blake Ford (left) traveled to Portland, Oregon for the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation (CERF) Conference. Blake presented the results of his summer research with SU faculty member, Dr. Keith Johnson (right), which focused on predicting oyster reef restoration success from juvenile oyster growth in the Chesapeake Bay. During his time at the conference, Blake attended several lectures focusing on various coastal and estuarine systems, but he was particularly intrigued by the presentations relating to oysters. Blake said that the conference was “a great way to meet some of the top professional in the field and also to try some new exciting foods in Portland!”

This year, the Maryland STEM Festival included a weeklong series of dynamic events and activities across the state of Maryland to share the excitement of science. As part of this initiative, the American Chemical Society Club hosted an encore performance of the Chemistry Magic Show. Young students from across the state of Maryland were able to attend the event which we hope to spark their interest in science. Students were able to participate in hands-on demonstrations and experience the fun side of chemistry!

The American Chemical Society Club hosted its Annual Chemistry Magic Show! This exciting fall event demonstrates the fun and interesting experiments students can do using basic chemistry! Some classic Magic Show experiments such as Burning Money, Fun with Dry Ice, and the Cold Light of Luminol were performed by sophomore, junior and senior science majors. This year also incorporated a new experiment performed by senior Chemistry major, Heather Drake. Spring Blossoms demonstrated LeChatlier’s principle using different acid and base indicators. The Magic Show was a huge success, filling up Knott Hall 23 yet again!

The School of the Sciences hosted an Information Session about applying and succeeding in graduate school. The session featured faculty members from the School of the Sciences, Dr. Will Harrell (Chemistry), Dr. Jeremy Burkett (Chemistry), Dr. Mark Branson (Mathematics) and Dr. Mark Norris (Biology). Chemistry senior Kristen Cassetta thought that all of the panelists were extremely helpful. They each had different and unique experiences in graduate school and their advice regarding networking with professors before entering graduate school was extremely beneficial.

Students in Mrs. Payne’s SCI 100 New Student Seminar were the recipients of this year’s top prize in the Lego Challenge. Students created their depiction of Career Architecture using Legos. Mrs. Payne’s chemistry and biochemistry freshmen designed their Legos to show three “beakers” representing the three aspects of career architecture: personal direction, discipline expertise, and professional know-how. These poured into a river which intermingled all three. Rocks in the river represented obstacles along the way and a light house stood for Career Services guiding the way towards the end. Trees along the river banks represented peers and motivators that gave support along the way with bridges serving as checkpoints. They came together at the end where they would begin their career in one of may fields in biochemistry and chemistry.

Congratulations to all!