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Chemistry is one of the three basic areas that form the foundation of all science, and is essential for a complete understanding of the physical world. Our chemistry program, planned in accordance with the requirements of the American Chemical Society (ACS), offers a broad selection of courses for students in chemistry and provides an excellent background for any scientific or technological career.

As a chemistry major, laboratory work and research are emphasized throughout your entire learning experience. With modern instrumentation and laboratory facilities, develop excellent laboratory and analytical skills, preparing you for employment in the chemical industry, graduate study in chemistry, or a career in a variety of professional arenas, including pharmacy, medicine, and dentistry.

Want to go the extra mile? Our Bachelor’s to Master’s Option allows you to graduate with a master’s in as little as five years.

Graduates of the Chemistry program will:

  • Apply knowledge of chemical principles to the understanding of the world at a molecular level.
  • Plan, design, and safely execute and interpret scientific experiments using the scientific method.
  • Communicate scientific knowledge in clear notebook entries, laboratory reports and poster presentations.
  • Critically evaluate scientific discovery for its scientific merit and in terms of its ethical, societal, and global implications using knowledge of chemical principles.
  • Exhibit behaviors consistent with the professional and ethical standards of the discipline.

Experiential Learning: Developing a Chemistry App

When Chemistry Professor Jeremy Burkett, Ph.D., had an idea for a new app that teaches chemistry in a fun way, he went to the experts for feedback: our students. Through their involvement and input, students were able to not only apply classroom learning, but they were also able to learn what it takes to create an app, something they wouldn’t normally be exposed to through their Chemistry coursework.

Stevenson Chemistry

Career Connections

Internship Placements

  • Athena Enzyme Systems
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Maryland Army National Guard
  • MedStar Harbor Hospital

Top Employers

  • US Army
  • Brain Science Institute
  • Eurofins: Lancaster Laboratories Fuchs
  • Giant Pharmacy
  • Ross Technologies Corporation

Graduate Opportunities

  • Liberty University
    College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Purdue University
  • Stevenson University
  • The Ohio State
    University College of Pharmacy
  • University of Delaware Graduate School in Chemistry
  • University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

Career Pathways

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Environmental Safety and Health
  • Forensics
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Meet Our Students & Alumni

Getting a Head Start

Nicole Kibler

Chemistry Major, B.S. to M.S. in Forensic Science

“From job fairs to forensic science career panels, Stevenson ensures that, regardless of grade level, you can be involved and connected early on.”

Study Chemistry at Stevenson


The courses in the preview below are required for completion of the bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. Students must complete all remaining major requirements in addition to the Stevenson Educational Experience (SEE) courses.

Course Preview

BIO 112Principles of General Biology3 credits
BIOCH 327Biochemistry3 credits
CHEM 115General Chemistry I3 credits
CHEM 221Inorganic Chemistry3 credits
CHEM 310Analytical Chemistry3 credits
MATH 220Calculus I4 credits
PHYS 215General Physics I with Calculus4 credits

Academic Catalog

Explore our academic catalog for a full listing of courses, course descriptions, and suggested course sequence for Stevenson’s Chemistry program.

FYS 100First Year Seminar1 credit
BIO 112Principles of General Biology3 credits
BIO 113General Biology I: Cell Biology and Genetics3 credits
BIO 113LGeneral Biology I Laboratory: Cell Biology and Genetics1 credit
BIOCH 327Biochemistry3 credits
BIOCH 345LIntegrative Laboratory I2 credits
CHEM 114General Chemistry I with Problem Solving3 credits
CHEM 115General Chemistry I3 credits
CHEM 115LGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory1 credit
CHEM 116General Chemistry II3 credits
CHEM 116LGeneral Chemistry II Laboratory1 credit
CHEM 210Organic Chemistry I3 credits
CHEM 210LOrganic Chemistry I Laboratory1 credit
CHEM 211Organic Chemistry II3 credits
CHEM 211LOrganic Chemistry II Laboratory1 credit
CHEM 213Digital Information Literacy for Chemistry1 credit
CHEM 221Inorganic Chemistry3 credits
CHEM 310Analytical Chemistry3 credits
CHEM 313Career Connections in Chemistry1 credit
CHEM 346LIntegrative Laboratory II2 credits
CHEM 470Capstone Internship3 credits
CHEM 471Capstone Internship6 credits
CHEM 475Capstone Seminar3 credits
MATH 220Calculus I4 credits
MATH 221Calculus II4 credits
PHYS 215General Physics I with Calculus4 credits
PHYS 216General Physics II with Calculus4 credits
SCI 215Writing in the Sciences3 credits


Minors in Chemistry

The minor in chemistry requires successful completion of a minimum of six courses and 18 credits with a CHEM prefix. For chemistry courses with a separate lab co-requisite, both the lab and lecture for the course must be taken; however, the lab does not count as a separate course toward the minor. Please see the chair of the Department of Chemistry for more information. General guidelines regarding minors may be found in the minors section of the catalog.

Minors at Stevenson

Add a Professional Minor

Open yourself up to additional career paths with one of our professional minors. Each minor is designed to pair with students’ majors to give them additional career options, a competitive edge in the job market, and an opportunity to shape their Stevenson experience to meet their specific career goals. 

Find a Professional Minor

Chemistry Department Honors Requirements

Eligible students majoring in chemistry may elect to pursue honors within the Department of Chemistry. The intention to pursue Chemistry Department Honors must be declared before the start of their last semester before graduation. To declare the intent to pursue department honors, a student must have earned a science/math GPA of 3.50 or higher and a plan to finish the honors requirements outlined below.

Students graduating with Chemistry Department honors will have this distinction noted on their official university transcript. In order to graduate with department honors, the following requirements must be met:

  • Completion of one research experience.
  • Completion of a second research experience or a 300-400 level CHEM or BIOCH elective that is not being used to fulfill a degree requirement in the major.
  • An oral presentation of the research experience to the department.
  • A science/math GPA of 3.5 or higher at graduation.

BA Option

Students also have the option of completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry. The student must fulfill all SEE requirements, program requirements, and complete two semesters of a foreign language from the point of placement or completion of 202 level.

Bachelor’s to Master’s Option

BS/MS options are available for students majoring in Chemistry who wish to combine their bachelor’s coursework while working toward a Stevenson University Master’s Degree in one of the following:

Explore more Bachelor’s to Master’s Options

Articulation Agreement

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

The Department of Chemistry has an articulation agreement with the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. This is for a dual-degree undergraduate-professional program (3+4) leading to a bachelor’s in Chemistry from Stevenson University and a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of MD School of Pharmacy. Under the conditions of this agreement, students attend Stevenson for three years taking courses specified by the articulation agreement. Then, if they are accepted into the pharmacy program at the University of Maryland, several of the courses in their first year at the School of Pharmacy will substitute for Stevenson courses. This will allow the students in this program to get a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Stevenson when they complete their first year at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. Please see the chair of the Department of Chemistry for more information.

Scholarship Opportunities

Sciences Scholarship

Stevenson’s Beverly K. Fine School of the Sciences offers scholarships for incoming freshman students who plan to major in Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Environmental Science, or Mathematics. We invite you to submit a personal statement to be considered for the Sciences Scholarships. Awards are $2,000 and can be combined with a Stevenson merit-based scholarship award from Admissions. Awards are renewable for four years.

Learn more about our Sciences Scholarship


Erika Harden ’14 M’15 took advantage of Stevenson’s 4+1 program to earn both her Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and Master’s Degree in Forensic Science in only five years, which helped her secure a much sought after job in Crime Scene Investigation with the Baltimore City Police.

Chemistry News

Biochemistry major Riley Schap along with Dr. Hudson completed an overnight ride along with the crime scene unit of Baltimore Police.

The Beverly K Fine School of the Sciences hosted a tent at the SU Homecoming tailgate to welcome alum and students. Faculty from the SOS were excited to see all the visitors.

Forensic Science faculty member Brittney Rollison (BS '13/ MS'14) and Forensic Accrediation Program Manager at A2LA, presented a talk on the ISO/IEC 17025 vs ISO/IEC 17020 standards for the forensic laboratory and what each s.

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