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Communication News

BizComm grad Alex Parker ('15) is finishing up her third week at Georgetown University in the Masters of Professional Studies in Sports Management Program. The program is recognized as one of the top sports programs in the world, as it provides students with the business management and leadership skills needed to succeed in the sports industry. You can read all about the program at this site.

During her time at Stevenson, Alex interned with the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Wizards. Her love of the sports industry led her to further her education at Georgetown. She writes, "I'm really enjoying my classes so far. I've also had a few opportunitites to network with some professors and alumni already. So far, I feel like this is a great fit for me and I feel very prepared thanks to everyone in the BizComm department." Way to go, Alex!

Each year, the Principles and Practices of Public Relations class explores the professional responsibilites of practitioners and students have the opportunity to act as their own public relations firm. Students examine all aspects of Business Communication and are asked to complete a semester-long project that generates more public awareness about the major. This video was created by Amanda Childs ('13), Kristin Baione ('14), and Julia Tucker ('14) for the course, and details what our major has to offer!

Take a look at what the Office of Career Services is offering this fall! The Business Communication department urges our majors to take advantages of these wonderful and practical opportunities.

Business Communication senior Shane Messick recently attended the Columbia Gateway Drive Talent Fair and Food Truck Roundup in Columbia, Maryland, sponsored by ADG Creative. The event was a "block party-style networking and recruiting event," according to the ADG website, that gathered local employees from the Columbia area as well as college students interested in creative careers.  Stevenson University industry specialist Jennifer Marin took a photo of the attendees from Stevenson! The arrow points to Shane.

Take a look at whose byline is professionally published! Congratulations to senior Colby Giacubeno, whose interview with NBA star Terrico White, newly signed with the Phoenix Suns, was published by the SB Nation/Ridiculous Upside website. Colby's insightful questions provide some interesting comments by the rising star who hopes to make the final roster in Phoenix. Colby himself hopes to begin a career writing about sports after graduation.

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