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Communication News

Take a look at whose byline is professionally published! Congratulations to senior Colby Giacubeno, whose interview with NBA star Terrico White, newly signed with the Phoenix Suns, was published by the SB Nation/Ridiculous Upside website. Colby's insightful questions provide some interesting comments by the rising star who hopes to make the final roster in Phoenix. Colby himself hopes to begin a career writing about sports after graduation.

Welcome home to 2015 Business Communication graduate Tara Shishmanian, who has returned from 17 days in Haiti as a part of a service mission with Angel Wings International. Participating in the Grand Install project, she was able to help install electricity, running water, cabinetry and even air conditioning in the Angel Wings International's clinic. As she returns to the States, Tara will begin a career at the St. Bernard Project in Chalmette, Louisiana, as coordinator of volunteers. We salute you, Tara!

Congratulations and welcome back to BizComm grad Jen Antonelli who joined the Stevenson University Admissions staff after she graduated in May. Jen interned with the Admissions Office while she was a student here, and found her vocation among the friendly and enthusiastic staff in the office. In Maryland, she will cover Cecil County, some of Harford County, some Baltimore County schools, and elsewhere, she will be visiting New York schools in her Admissions work. Here's she is on her Admissions Facebook site. It's great to have you here, Jen.

Dr. Heather Harris, Dr. Deric Greene, and Dr. Leeanne Bell McManus will present scholarly papers at the annual convention of the National Communication Association November 19-22, 2015. The convention, with a theme of "Embracing Opportunities," will be held in Las Vegas, Nev., and will be the 101st annual gathering of the organization that "advances Communication as the discipline that studies all forms, modes, media, and consequences of communication through humanistic, social scientific, and aesthetic inquiry," according to the NCA website.

Dr. Harris' paper is titled, "Embracing the Opportunity to Move Beyond the Strong Black Woman: Sister Heal Thy Self." Dr. Greene will chair a presentation titled, "If Our Lives Matter, But We Can't Breathe, How Will We Survive?"  Dr. Bell McManus will present three papers, "Embracing Opportunities for Teaching a Course in Event Planning," "Listening to Embrace Opportunities in Event Planning," and "Exploring Communication Ethics Pedagogies in the Classroom." She will also chair the Top Papers in Communication Ethics panel. Congratulations to these professors!

Business Communication professors Leeanne Bell McManus, Christine Noya, and Chip Rouse are entering their third year as "Faculty in the Halls" mentors in two of the first-year residence halls. Each fall, the faculty meet en masse with the students in their halls to introduce the program and to explain why they are offering their time to the residents. Under the direction of Jeff Kelly, associate vice president and dean of students, the program has fluorished. Here, the residents of Western Run prepare for the meeting, while some of the resident assistants pose for a photo and some students grab candy as the meeting comes to a close.

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