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Communication News

Congratulations to Stevenson professors Leeanne Bell McManus, Chip Rouse and Stephanie Verni on the publication of their textbook, Event Planning: Communicating Theory and Practice by Kendall Hunt Publishers. The book has already been adopted by several universities across the U.S., and the trio is ecstatic to see their years of work finally in print. The department of Business Communication will hold an official launch party for the book on Wednesday, Feb. 3, at  7 p.m. in the Rockland Center. All are invited. The text is available in the Stevenson bookstore, on Amazon or through Kendall Hunt Publishers.

Business Communication alum Mark Salerno (at left in his internship photograph) reached out to the department recently in a lengthy email. We excerpt some of it here:

Happy New Year!  Can you believe its been three years since I graduated? I catch myself thinking, "If only my biggest concern today was getting to Chip's 8 a.m. class! Ahh, those were the good ole days." I'm sure it's all a blur for you. Honestly, everyday I reference something I learned from the program, constantly thanking of you all in my head!  I've been working for my parents' company, Integrated Control Corporation, since I graduated. It has been an interesting transition working for them. We design and manufacture electronics for the food service industry, mostly pertaining to quality and food safety. I've been taking over most of the customers and being the face of the sales team....
And we recently heard as well from Inna Kolomiytsev, who is the director of Marketing for Niles, Barton, and Wilmer, LLP (she's shown here far left with some students at a "Lunch Lessons" event):
Happy New Year to you, and I hope this finds you well! I am reaching out to my alma mater to share a possible internship opportunity for a student who would be interested in working with a local non-profit Gunpowder Valley Conservancy, a unique land preservation and environmental education organization that serves the Baltimore County, Harford County and Carroll County region covering a major watershed that is a part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. I have become recently involved as an advisor in assisting GVC’s Executive Director in rewriting content for the website which is in the process of a design revamp. We are in need of fresh photography, infographics to add to side-bars, and assistance with generally maintaining the content once it goes live.
How great it is to hear from our alums who are thriving, happy, and successful!

A busy fall semester full of many things to do,

Our planning with the freshmen for a trip to somewhere new,

In Harper’s Ferry, we discovered history – and found

Some friendships with our classmates as walked about the town.

The Lego Challenge showed us how, together, we could thrive,

If we could always work that well, we know that we’ll survive.  

A series of great lunches brought alumni home to see us,

And time and time again they said they wished that they could be us.

We always have careers in mind to help increase vocation,

So students in Ms. Verni’s course learned sports communication.

And Dr. Greene was thrilled to lead a search within his class

For answers to identity, a quest into the past.


How proud we were to hear when Dr. Harris spoke of heart,

The graduation service was enlivened with her part.

Our transfer students profited from partners of their peers,

And thanks to Mrs. Noya, we can count on them for years.

Socktober brought in hundreds for our gifts to help the mission,

The socks we took to Baltimore began a new tradition.

How thrilled we were to learn that Dr. Bell would be expecting

(Though many of our students were for months quite unsuspecting).

Through NCA proposals to the conference in November,

Our faculty were busy every second since September.

A new club name and launch for ’47 House was stellar,

And hopes are high the event planning text will be the next bestseller.

Our interns, always wonderful, outdid themselves this year,

And spoke with such proficient skill – the praise was quite sincere.

Their posters were inventive, full of great imagination,

Their guests were fascinated by each student presentation.

When Kevin Byrne stopped in to speak, his tales of many things

Were almost as exciting as his shiny Ravens rings.

It’s been a term so busy that our minds are nearly numb,

We’ll take a moment, gather thoughts, and see what is to come,

A New Year filled with gratitude, with joy, and lots more cheer,

We can’t wait to see what happens as ‘16 draws ever near.

Commencement, December 2015 -- a day filled with proud moments as SU BizComm professor Heather Harris gave the commencement address to the graduates, 10 of whom were Business Communication students. The group lined up for the traditional photo before the ceremony with their faculty members, above. Dr. Harris glowed as she spoke to the students about needing a navigating system in order to follow their passion, and BizComm graduate Charlie Taylor receives his diploma from President Kevin J. Manning and Tracy Bolt, registrar. It was a day of great celebration and pride.

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