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Communication News

Congratulations to the Business Communication First-year Seminar under the guidance of Dr. Nadene Vevea, associate dean of communication programs, for their amazing rendition of Oriole Park at Camden Yards that won the group first place in the 2016 Lego Challenge, tied with a biochemistry construction. The students had visited Camden Yards a week before for a behind-the-scenes tour and decided to reconstruct the ballpark and the warehouse to describe their ideas of Career Architecture. The ballpark construction was complete with lights, foul poles, a scoreboard, bleachers, an infield and an assortment of players. The Business Communication first-year students worked together in an all-out effort to pay attention to every detail, including images on the warehouse of the Business Communication alums who work for the Orioles and who met the students on the tour.

Congratulations to our comrades in the Film and Moving Image First-year Seminar who took second place in the competition as well!

Congratulations to Business Communication alum Sterling Cooper Smith, class of 2016, who tells us that he's been offered a job with Toyota Financial Services in Owings Mills, Md. His strong interpersonal skills and his understanding of business processes helped him ace the interview and secure the career position. He's in the photo here, on the right, during his internship with Greg Royce, Stevenson's SID.

Congratulations to Business Communication associate professors Leeanne Bell McManus and Chip Rouse for their chapter in a recently released textbook on integrated marketing communication published by Rowman and Littlefield/Lexington Books. Their chapter focuses on ways that integrated marketing communication impacts the field of event planning. The text is edited by Jeanne M. Persuit (UNC-Wilmington) and Christina L. McDowell (University of Alaska-Anchorage).

We heard from Business Communication alum Michelle Larkin, who writes to us from Orlando about her most recent promotion:

"I found my way over to the Disney Corporate Alliance team supporting runDisney races as a permanent coordinator. We work as the go-between with our corporate sponsors and runDisney. On a normal day, I might have a brainstorming session with a company like Coca Cola about what cool things they could do at the next race or a logistic-focused event meeting with our runDisney partners. During my first week, our team flew out to Disneyland in California to work the Disneyland Half Marathon! I got to see a race firsthand from a Corporate Alliance standpoint and jump right into my new job. 

From my understanding, I ultimately got this job thanks to my strong communication skills and having a strong, influential network of people backing me up. I strongly believe the skills I gained in college helped me get to where I am today. There were so many times where I didn't want to learn how to network, because it's not fun or easy. But it's a huge part of how I got this job, and I'm really thankful that you pushed me to work on those skills. I'm excited to see what my future holds, and I will always keep you up-to-date on how business communication has set me up for success."
Congratulations, Michelle! We are so proud of you and happy for your success doing what you love.
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