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Communication News

Business Communication professor Heather Harris shared her research on images of Africana women in the media during the latest School of Design meeting on Friday, May 12. Citing media stereotypes from television shows including Law and Order, Scandal, the Cosby Show, and Empire, among others, Dr. Harris explained how some stereotypes of black women exist within these popular shows and how these images are damaging and false. In the photo, Dr. Harris speaks at a Stevenson University December Commencement ceremony.

Congratulations to the Business Communication seniors who received recognition at the School of Design's end-of-year party for their accomplishments, along with students from other majors in the school....Click here to read more.

Business Communication faculty members Leeanne Bell McManus and Chip Rouse, participants in the Faculty in the Halls program, closed out the year with some traditional early morning breakfast in Western Run Hall.

Business Communication professors and Faculty in the Halls mentors Dr. Leeanne Bell McManus and Chip Rouse were on hand as several students in the department were honored at the annual Residence Life and Housing banquet on April 30, 2017. Resident assistants and their supervisors were on hand for an evening of celebration and reminiscence. Dr. Sarah Mansfield, assistant vice president of residence life, and Claire Moore, interim president, congratulated the students on their achievements.

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