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Congratulations to Business Communication adjunct professor Barry Casey, Ph.D., on his recent article, "A Method for Deep Reading," published in Faculty Focus/Higher Ed Teaching Strategies from Magna Publications. In it, Dr. Casey explains a technique he uses in teaching writing and reading to college students called GSSW: Gather, Sort, Shrink, and Wrap.  The method helps students learn to write a coherent essay based on critical thinking skills. Dr. Casey teaches Introduction to Public Speaking at Stevenson.You can read the entire article here. (Photo from LinkedIn)
What a surprise it was to see Business Communication alum Will Beatson ('08) drop by The Villager's workroom on Sept. 19, all the way from his NYC home.

Students in the new to-be-named design center/agency course in the School of Design taught by business communication professor Stephanie Verni this semester and assisted by art faculty member Inna Alesina are working hard at branding and innovating for their client, the Eastern Communication Association. The students are helping to create plans for the association's annual convention in April, 2018.

Above is a sample of what they produced during their brainstorming session as they shared ideas for the convention's themes, designs, and events.

Stevenson business communication professor Leeanne Bell McManus is the first vice president of the ECA charged with organizing the five-day event, so she is working with Verni and the students in developing a creative and consistent vision for the convention. (Photo from Stephanie Verni's facebook page)

Business Communication alum Julia Cooke reached out to us recently to let us know where she is on her career path. She writes,

"I recently started with NSA on the IC-GovCloud Outreach Team, and to my surprise today they told me about the faculty who spoke to them about event planning and that was you guys! [Professors Bell McManus, Rouse and Verni]  They really enjoyed your presentation and said it was extremely helpful to have experts come and speak to them. Now I have big shoes to fill since they know I've been taught by the experts.  
While I was waiting for my clearance to go through I took an event planning internship with Tessco Technologies. The internship was the best internship experience I had. I was given real work right from the start and learned a lot. I had the most fun planning the company's quarterly and annual Tessco One events. These include conference sessions, networking cocktail parties and golf tournaments. They were planned for Lake Tahoe, Napa, Miami and Charleston. I was given a budget and told to find venue, entertainment, catering, speakers, swag and other miscellaneous things for each event. Attendance ranged from 300-1,000 people, and budgets were well over $100K.  I had so much independence and gained a lot of confidence in my work on these tasks. I got to attend the event in Lake Tahoe and it was an incredible experience to see all my work come together, to meet the contacts that I had been planning with and to see happy attendees who enjoyed each element that I had planned."

In the photo, Julia is on the left during her internship experience at ADashmore Creative. Congratulations, Julia!

The Villager staff, many of whom are Business Communication majors, took a moment to recreate a photo from 1961 sent to them by Allison Humphries, director of alumni and constituent relations, from archival material. Today's Villager staff, working within the online site, has come a long way from the news staff of The Villalog, as the newspaper was called then.

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